Bredalsholmen Dokk og Fartøyvernsenter
The Bredalsholmen Shipyard and Preservation Center

Caulking steel plate edges on the Sørlandet school ship    
The Bredalsholmen Shipyard and Preservation Centre was established to ensure that know-how and traditional skills required to restore iron and steel ships would be kept alive. Old vessels cannot survive in their original condition without the help of traditional craftsmanship. Bredalsholmen keeps alive the practical know-how required to restore iron and steel ships and provides services to the owners of Preserved Ships. Riveting as a method of joining steel structures together eventually disappeared as welding technology took over - during the period 1930-60. Riveting as a trade and method of work had almost died out, but has been given its renaissance at Bredalsholmen. Today, this is the most commonly used work method on the oldest steel ships. 

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