Bredalsholmen Dokk og Fartøyvernsenter
The Bredalsholmen Shipyard and Preservation Center

Bredalsholmen Shipyard and Preservation Center

A Cultural Heritage Site

Riveting iron and steel ships

Riveting iron and steel ships

Steam boiler repairs and restoration

A drydock from 1876


In 1996, Bredalsholmen Shipyard and Preservation Centre was established in Kristiansand as a national preservation centre for steel ships that are worthy of preservation. Many old craft techniques used in building steel ships are kept alive at the centre. Active use of the old dry dock from 1876, along with adjacent workshops, quays, cranes and other technical equipment, contribute to its preservation as a technical / industrial cultural heritage site. The centre has 25 employees.

The main purpose of the centre is:

  • To preserve for posterity the dry dock with buildings and technical equipment, as technical/industrial cultural heritage site.
  • • To run the site as a veteran shipyard that may be used by veteran ships and vessels worthy of preservation.
  • • To be a centre for shipyard and shipbuilding traditions, old crafts and artefacts that may be of relevant interest. 


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